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"When and How do I Contact Cornerstone Medical Staffing?"

Cornerstone Medical Staffing can be contacted 24 hours each day, 7 days a week to furnish extended staffing needs to your facility. We can be reached at our office in Milledgeville by calling (478) 452-3060 or on our toll free paging service at 1-877-210-6956. All calls placed on our paging service will be returned within minutes. In addition, we can be reached via rfarlow@cornerstonemedstaffing.com.

Cornerstone Medical Staffing will schedule appropriate licensed personnel to work as required upon written or verbal request from a health care facility.

"Who is on the Registry for Cornerstone Medical Staffing?"

We maintain a registry of RN's, LPN's, and State Certified Nursing Assistants from the Middle Georgia area. Our medical professionals are all independent contractors. Each independent contractor is first carefully screened. Second, a JACHO accredited nurse testing is administered. Third, a personal interview is then conducted to discuss in more details each contractor's qualifications, history, and availability.

"What Qualifications are Required of Your Registrants?

Cornerstone Medical Staffing requires that each independent contractor submit proof of professional license, current CPR registration, current PPD, Hepatitis B records, criminal background check and drug screening at the time of registering.

Each independent contractor undergoes a thorough work reference check and is covered by current Professional Liability and Workers Compensation Policies.

At Cornerstone Medical Staffing our expectations are high. We want only the best staff members for our facilities. Every effort will be made to meet our high standards at all times.

"How do You Ensure Professionalism?"

Cornerstone Medical Staffing requires that all professional staff be in professional attire at all times.
We will have supervisors do on-site checks with our independent contractors to insure that a high level of care is being performed by our staff members. This is to keep our staff aware that we are serious about our high expectations and high standards of care.

Cornerstone Medical Staffing can, at your request, provide customized orientations with our staff members so they can be prepared to serve you better.

"How do You Handle Complaints?"

We are concerned about the level of care that our staff members are providing. So please let us hear your comments, whether good or bad. We have a complaint procedure that is strictly followed. It includes the counseling of the staff members in relation to the severity of the complaint.

Cornerstone Medical Staffing's expectations are high and we will only settle for the best!
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